Weather Courses

RWDI provides weather courses that instruct in fundamental principles from understanding basic observations to interpreting complex weather model output. These courses address the needs of most professionals working with weather and have received good feedback from media, ski patrol, snow safety teams, municipal emergency managers, pilots, dispatchers and professional engineers. 

Nov. 2014 Course

Attendees will learn how to:


  • build a toolbox of resources to access current weather information (observations, forecasts, discussions, etc.);

  • interpret weather and its changes in the outdoors;

  • read professional weather charts and satellite/radar imagery;

  • tailor those forecasts to a particular location/application; and,

  • follow a step-by-step process that leads to an analysis of professionally prepared forecasts.


Courses can be customized to your needs, are on-going and scheduled based on demand. Contact us today for the upcoming schedule.

Course Schedule

Fall 2015


Vancouver - 1 day weather refresher. Date TBD.

Revelstoke - 1 day weather refresher. Date TBD.

Calgary - 1 day weather refresher.   Date TBD.

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