Specialty Weather Forecast Solutions



Weather-related delays, costs or risks are typically dealt with on an ad-hoc basis, most often as adverse conditions occur. RWDI's team of meteorologists and engineers understand weather and can help guide plans and designs by evaluating short/long-range conditions to minimize negative impacts on your operations before they occur.


We work with you to:


  • identify areas of your operation that are susceptible to weather and suggest proactive mitigation strategies;

  • provide regular and/or custom forecasts to minimize operational delays while increasing safety and efficiency; and,

  • provide in-person support from a dedicated professional meteorologist who you know and who is invested in the success of your operation.

Options to provide more elaborate and customized products and services are available as high-impact weather is expected, or a particular weather-sensitive operation is scheduled.

Sample Applications

Applications & Services

Contact us for a no-obligation assessment on how we can help your organization get a better handle on its weather-sensitive operations.

Avalanche Control


RWDI's AlpineFX product has become the de facto weather platform for avalanche control staff in Western Canada. Avalanche forecasters benefit from the self-briefing platform that contains customized automated forecast products that assist with the day-to-day decision making process. Live feedback from our professional meteorologists is used on an ad hoc basis to assist with timing and locating road closures and SAR missions.

Search and Rescue


When it comes to search and rescue operations weather plays an important factor in the decision making process. Whether it’s weather forecasting for flight rescue operations, precipitation forecasting for flood events, weather forecasting for avalanche rescue or ensuring your rescue team is prepared to the weather, we are able to help.

Winter Resort Operations


Winter resort operators require frequent, accurate weather forecasts to pro-actively manage snow safety operations, snow making and grooming, etc. Operators tend to use detailed, technical forecasts for internal decision making purposes. In addition, resorts also use our automated, icon-style forecasts for inclusion on their websites for public dissemination.

Helicopter Operations


Government flight forecast information is limited when it comes to local weather conditions in mountainous terrain. Operations dependent upon helicopter sorties in complex terrain (e.g. filming for movie productions) take advantage of our short- and long-range group web briefings to optimize preparation and flying times and avoid unnecessary risks and/or delays.

Fire Weather Forecasting


RWDI’s meteorologists provide valuable input in the decision making process for fire weather forecasting. Whether you need guidance on a go/no go decision for a prescribed by burn, or need a forecast for an existing fire, our meteorologists will provide a weather forecast tailored to fire weather forecasting so that you have the correct information to assist with your decision making process. 


We are capable of producing location-specific, high-resolution weather model output for your fire weather application such as convective indices and assessments, wind shear, low-level jets, surface convergence, and so on. We can also generate ad hoc spot meteograms for lightning probability and specific fire locations as shown below.


If more rigorous analysis is required, we offer a full "weather workstation" that aggregates weather model outputs, observations, and analyses into a single, easy-to-use web application that can be customized to fit your particular needs.


Need training or additional expertise? No problem, our friendly meteorologists are here to provide training courses, give forecast guidance or answer any questions that you may have. 

Film/Commerical Industry


The logistics of filming outdoors in remote locations are money and time consuming. Even worse, when weather changes unexpectedly, precious time and money can go to waste. By planning towards good weather opportunities RWDI’s professional meteorologists can help you avoid frustrating and costly weather delays and risks.


Our professional meteorologists tailor all forecasts to your locations and varying needs. This way you can plan around potential down times and optimize your logistics while on location. Our daily weather watch process allows you to focus on your filming tasks while we keep an eye on the weather for you, drawing your attention only when needed.


When things get particularly weather sensitive or you just want to have more detailed information, you can initiate a phone or web briefing any time with us. Our meteorologists have 15 years experience forecasting in the prairies and remote mountain locations of western Canada.