RWDI has been working with meteorological sensors and instruments for over 20 years. We've seen how timely and accurate analysis, measurement, and forecasting of the weather can positively impact the operation of many industries.

Our experience shows that clear, concise reports are critical to understanding your data. The Envision platform has been built using web and cloud technologies while keeping usability in mind.  The Envision platform has a simple user interface that allows you to visualize and access your data easily.



  • Energy (Coal, Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar, Hydro)

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

  • LNG

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Smelters

  • Mining

  • Waste Facilities

  • Construction

Whether it's the site foreman who is concerned about construction material blowing off a building, the dock supervisor who needs to know if the winds are too high to unload a ship full of ore, or the industry operator who needs to know when to curtail operations, Envision delivers the information needed to make the right management decisions.

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Meterology and Air Quality Monitoring


Envision allows you to access your meteorology and air quality data online, in a secure web-enabled interface.


Features Include:

  • integration with existing meteorological and air quality instruments;

  • can view live, or quality assured historical data;

  • automatic e-mail/SMS alerting;

  • site-specfic weather forecasts;

  • flexible reporting engine; and,

  • data extraction into CSV or Excel.



Wave and Weather Forecasting


RWDI has teamed with BAIRD to develop a one-of-a-kind, high resolution, site-specific, wave and weather forecasting workstation that is used for marine loading and loading activities.


Ship captains, pilots, harbourmasters, schedulers, etc. can now gain access to mutli-day, port-specific wave and weather forecast information based on some of the most advanced numerical models available.


Features Include:

  • 15 day, site specific, wave and weather forecasts;

  • Multiple forecast locations (offshore, entrance channel, port)

  • Robust, user-friendly web interface

  • Simple dashboards plus access to complex analytics

  • Automated alerts when wind and wave thresholds exceeded

  • Multi-scale wave surface and spectral energy plots

  • Satellite imagery for visible water and fog conditions

  • Wind gust forecasts at multiple heights


Advanced Wind Warning System


We've built an automated computer modelling system that combines weather forecast technology with the science of wind engineering and complex aerodynamics to provide site- and height-specific wind gust forecasts to contractors of tall buildings, bridges, and other construction sites. 


Features Include:


  • high resolution forecast conditions are displayed hourly and are updated every 3 hours;

  • forecast can be delivered by email at predefined times (e.g. 6 am and 3 pm);

  • customizable alert delivered by email or SMS text messages that allow users to specify wind gust thresholds at different working heights and who should receive them;

  • relay of Weather Office alerts;

  • advanced auditing that keeps a record of each weather forecast, alert, and the recipients;

  • lightning prediction; and,

  • forecasts are customizable to include wind gust speed, precipitation, temperature, and other parameters.


Noise and Vibration

Envision can be configured to collect and display real-time noise and vibration data that enables you to remotely monitor and analyze field data.


Features Include:

  • Capture and listen to recordings;

  • Exclude readings; and

  • Integrated with industry standard anemometers.

Structural Health Monitoring

The Envision framework coupled with SENSR uses cloud technology to allow you to continuously monitor your structure for signs of a hazard.


RWDI’s Envision system works with SENSR CX1’s and SENSRnet  to gather remote data in the cloud so that you have instant access your data from anywhere in the world.


SENSRnet online collects data automatically from your CX1’s and stores the raw data on the cloud.  Access to your data is made available through a secure web interface.   Simply log in, scroll through your data graphically and when you notice an area of interest, download the raw SENSR data for further analysis with your SENSView software.  No more hassle collecting and dealing with individual SENSR files.


Envision allows you to configure alerts on user specified thresholds so that you can be notified by email whenever a condition is exceeded.


The Envision system can be  additionally configured to collect data from several meteorological stations and automatically synchronize with the SENSR CX1’s by time.  No more time is wasted trying aggregate and synchronize multiple data sources, it is done automatically for you.

Wind Blown Dust


Wind blown dust is an issue for many industrial activities ranging from mining to loading/offloading of rail and marine.  Many firms have adopted standard operating procedures (SOPs) pertaining to weather to avoid offsite issues.


Envision can help by:

  • monitoring your environment conditions;

  • providing advanced notification when unfavourable weather conditions will occur and for how long; and,

  • sends alarms and alerts when thresholds are exceeded.


Odour from Waste Facilites


Waste facilities are sensitive to weather conditions and many firms have adopted standard operating procedures (SOPs) pertaining to weather. These procedures typically involve wind, temperature and precipitation to address regulatory requirements, off-site odours, or blowing debris from an operating face.  


Envision can help by:

  • monitoring your environment conditions;

  • providing advanced notification when unfavourable weather conditions will occur and for how long; and,

  • sends alarms and alerts when thresholds are exceeded.