High Resolution Weather Data Sets

RWDI provides weather data to organizations and government agencies that need access to high resolution weather data. We have developed an inventory of data sets and can create high resolution, quality assured, data sets anywhere in the world.  Data sets can be provided in netCDF, CALMET-ready, AERMOD/CALPUFF ready (MMIF) formats.

An example of a WRF 4km resolution weather map,

plotting temperature and meas sea level pressure over western Canada.

A GEOS-Chem example showing daily average ozone for April, 2014.


We have high resolution data sets for the following regions:

North America

Middle East



Need access to high resolution operational weather forecasts?

RWDI runs a high resolution weather forecast system using WRF at its data center in Calgary. We are currently running forecast systems over Alberta and Peru at 4km resolution and that are updated multiple times daily.


Who can benefit from this data?
  • governments who need access to meteorological data sets for climate change and regulatory modelling;

  • companies with operational requirements that depend on high resolution weather forecasts;

  • air quality consulting companies; and,

  • architecture companies.


Contact us today to learn how RWDI can assist in providing high resolution weather data for your area.