The construction industry is sensitive to weather conditions for their operations. Knowing the air temperature for a concrete pour; precipitation for ground work; the strength of wind for lift operations or wind gust events to prevent blowing construction debris from buildings is critical for site safety and operations planning. Many construction sites have standard operating procedures (SOPs) pertaining weather to address these issues.

Management and operational staff rely on a number of sources of data in the execution of these procedures. For example, meteorological conditions can be measured and recorded on-site and used to notify site personnel when adverse conditions are occurring. Although an effective means of triggering immediate action, measurements are not predictive and hence do not allow for any pro-active planning or mitigation measures to be taken in advance.


Also, publicly available weather forecasts are limited and do not always contain the right information in the right resolution (in time or space) required by industry.

Many firms are interested in obtaining more localized, timelier and more detailed weather forecast information for the purposes of planning material handling, operations and mitigation activities as they pertain to operational safety.


High winds can be very disruptive to construction sites


Areas of concern include:

  • unsecured materials being blown from structures and falling to the ground;

  • loose materials being blown into and damaging the facade of nearby buildings;

  • structural damage caused by wind loads on tarps and other coverings / fabrics;

  • crane fatigue / failures, etc.;

  • wind action on swing-stages; and,

  • insufficient advance warning for emergency managers

How can Envision Help?


Envision provides:



Envision is highly customizable and can be configure to meet the needs of your operation.

Examples of how Envision can be used on your site include


  • streamline your lift operations by allowing you to plan for downtimes due to high winds;

  • wind gust forecasting (swing stages, heavy lifts, crane operations);

  • site safety (unsecured materials being blown from structures and falling to the ground);

  • temperature prediction for concrete pours; and,

  • precipitation forecasting for ground work;


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