Scientific Software from the Experts


RWDI is a leading consulting engineering company that specializes in the science of buildings, structures & the environment. We work on landmark projects and are known throughout the world for our expertise in wind engineering and atmospheric sciences.


We offer the following software solutions developed and used by experts in many engineering and environmental fields:


Recommended for operations that are dependent on weather conditions or air quality. Envision lets users monitor, explore, visualize and make sense of the complexities of meteorology and air quality through web-based reporting and automatic alerts.

A web-based system that models airborne pollutants in real-time by integrating regulatory-approved air dispersion models, site-specific meteorology, weather forecasts, and environmental monitoring. Plume-RT has been used to model sour gas flaring events, facility emissions, visibility from fires, and to assist with emergency response/incident command.


RWDI has developed a database of high-resolution, numerical weather data sets.


We offer a number of weather forecasting and risk management solutions including AlpineFX (a web-based, site-specific weather forecast tool for professional alpine operations), synoptic and spot forecasts, weather courses, and direct consultations with professional meteorologists.


A service solution that automates emissions reporting at less cost and greater speed than any competing solution. With WEIT, you get accurate reports, year after year, that satisfy regulators and help your company make better air quality decisions. 


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